Build bold businesses together

We are a bespoke entrepreneurial advisory firm for innovative, early and mid-stage companies.

Full-service solution

Integrated full service platform for both entrepreneurial and advisory services to support deal-making for early and mid-stage companies and venture building. Support and services for entrepreneurs and investors from company creation, preseed and seed stage to round A and B.

Dedicated to companies creating a positive impact for health and environment through innovation.

Broad expertise in various innovative sectors including life sciences, health tech, digital health, foodtech, medtech, edtech, cleantech and greentech.

By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

40 years of combined entrepreneurial know-how and experience acquired in the trenches.

Repeated leadership experiences in the field of innovative technologies and life sciences.

Bespoke advisory solutions and a personalized entrepreneurial approach.

Coaching to entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Deal-making expertise

Strategic and corporate finance advisory services tailored to the needs of our clients.

Licensing deals, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, commercial and distribution deals.

Advice and coaching on capital raising, international partnering and expansion and M&A transactions.

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Venture builders and scale up studio with a global network

Build, accelerate and scale unique innovative ideas and ventures into scalable impactful businesses leveraging our unique platform.

Selected international partners and business affiliates in Europe, North America and Asia / APAC, including San Francisco, Boston, Amsterdam, Milan, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore and Seoul. 

Unique conduit to broad sources of sophisticated capital and strategic corporate firms.

Ready to scale?

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